Agave | Tuberose + Gardenia + Lemon Peel

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The rich and exotic scent of tuberose is perfectly balanced with the delicate sweetness of gardenia, creating a captivating aroma.  The zesty and refreshing notes of lemon peel add a touch of brightness to the blend, evoking a sense of energy and vitality. It is the perfect choice for those who love to surround themselves with the natural beauty of plants and flowers. 

wick: wooden whisper wick

size: 16 oz. 

burn time: 110+ hours

contents: gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free vegan blend of coconut apricot wax

This product is free from animal byproducts, animal cruelty, parabens, dyes, and chemicals and is PETA Certified


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all handcrafted and natural!