My Story

Fueled by our dreams and determination, my cousin and I transformed a challenging moment in 2020 into a tangible reality. Our profound love for candles inspired us to establish Madera Wick, a brand that celebrates our cultural heritage and personal values. Drawing inspiration from our Mexican American roots in Arizona, we wholeheartedly embraced our Hispanic heritage and infused it into every aspect of our business.

Madera Wick represents more than just candles; it embodies the healing essence of the Southwestern desert. We meticulously craft each candle using a special blend of pure apricot and coconut wax, combined with premium, clean fragrance oils. Sustainability is at the core of our ethos, and we take pride in hand-pouring our candles into stylish glass vessels, recyclable paint cans, or wooden bowls, ensuring a mindful approach to the environment. Our diverse range of serene aromas creates a harmonious ambiance, promoting tranquility and peace within the homes of our customers. With unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity, we have turned our passion into a brand that resonates with those seeking organic, natural, and reusable products.

❤️ Christie