Some day…like so many others, Christie Edwards and Suzy Flynn dreamed of some day. That day arrived in 2020 when Christie lost her job during the pandemic and some day became now what? The cousins decided to take their passion for candles and build a company of their own by creating a unique product that was representative of their culture, style, and philosophy - Madera Wick was born!

Inspired by their Hispanic heritage and heavily influenced by the land’s Mexican American roots, the Arizona natives established Madera Wick (Madera - muh•deh•ruh, Spanish for wood). Utilizing the healing properties of the Southwestern desert their handcrafted wood-wick burning candles are derived from purified ingredients and offer an array of tranquil aromas. By blending the purest apricot and coconut wax with the highest quality of clean and fragrant oils, they created an essence to give their clientele a calming serenity in their home. Each candle is hand-poured into a recyclable paint can or wood bowl to maintain the integrity of an organic, natural, and reusable product.